Senior Adult Ministries - Grass Lake Community Senior Chapel

Senior Adult Ministries

In the never-ending quest of the church to be contemporary and up-to-date, senior citizens often find it difficult to find a worship environment that they can relate to or that relates to them.

At Grass Lake Assembly we have taken that need seriously.

We have always had a blending of both the traditional Pentecostal service, using the hymnal and other elements, with the more contemporary emphasis on choruses and new music. We don't need separate services to meet the need of both the young and old, because we have somehow found a way to worship together.

No, we have never had a worship war. Praise The Lord!

However, in addition to our Sunday service, we also have a Senior Chapel Service that has been meeting for 15 years every Friday at 10:15 a.m. Here seniors from many different denominations come to fellowship, sing the old hymns, share communion, eat monthly lunches together, and be encouraged by the preaching of a guest preacher each week.

Our Senior Ministries Director is Janice Crum. She would love to see you at both the Sunday service and the Senior Chapel.