Weekly Bulletin





Current Speakers (Subject to Change):

Steven Hogwood: Feb. 18


Lisa Holdridge: Feb. 25 & Mar. 4


Church Directory

The current church directory is working on being updated. If you feel some of the information might have been changed that was previously provided, please contact Stephen Robinson.


Grief Share

Grief Share is done for the year. The course will start back up tonight at 6 pm. Please see Donna Farnsworth or Mary Hashman if you have any questions.


Annual Business Meeting

The annual church business meeting is going to be on the 4th of March this year at 6PM. You are still welcome to attend if you are a junior member or not a member. If you have any questions, please see a board member.


Senior Chapel

Senior Chapel upcoming dates:

·       Feb. 23 - Sean Lester

Please contact Janice Crum if you have any questions.




Annual Business Meeting Proposal

Due to currently not having a dedicated pastor, it is the recommendation of the Superintendent of the Michigan District Assembly of God, Jeff Hlavin, that the members of the church vote to decide if the current Official Church Board should be kept in place for this year. If this is to be the case, there would need to be a motion to accept it at the annual business meeting, followed by a seconded motion and, followed by a yea or nay vote after a debate in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The following is what a Yea or Nay would constitute:


Yea = Current Board is kept for the duration of the year, until the next annual business meeting in 2019.

Nay = Elections will be held at a later date to vote in a new Church Board.


If the outcome is that there would be elections then there would need to be a Special Business Meeting, which would be set currently for 2 months from now, for elections to take place.

 Individuals who are currently up for re-election consist of the following:

3-year Term: Rusty Holdridge

1-Year Term: Donna Farnsworth and Ross Robinson


Weekly Calendar for the week of Feb. 18


         6 - 8 pm

JBQ Practice

Grief Share

Tuesday, 20th     

7:00 pm

Water Aerobics

Wednesday, 21st      

6 pm

6:30 - 8 pm


Kid’s Ministry

Thursday, 22nd     

10:00 am

Water Aerobics

Friday, 23rd         

10:15 am

Senior Chapel - Sean Lester

Sunday, 25th      

9:30 am

10:30 am

6 pm

6 pm

Sunday School

Morning Worship & Children’s Church.

JBQ Practice

Grief Share starts back up




?? Questions / Need More Information ??
Contact the church office at (517) 522-4088 or by email at
You may leave a voice mail message or send an email at any time and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.