Bible Quiz is a popular program that gets youth involved in the church and allows them to practice their Bible knowledge in a fun and competitive way.  Unfortunately the Quiz Boxes needed to compete can be expensive, preventing many churches from participating. 


To help overcome this obstacle, one of the resident electrical engineers at Grass Lake Assembly was able to come up with a cost effective alternative that performs as well as any of the boxes currently on the market.  These boxes work well for Pee-wee, Junior, and Teen Bible Quiz levels. 


All of the quiz boxes are stand alone and will work without a computer.  For additional functionality any of the USB quizboxes work with the software available on the Software Page.


Since these boxes are being built by churches for churches, the cost is only the sum of the parts.  Because of this, the price may vary slightly depending upon the market price for the parts.  Also, keep in mind that these boxes are being built by volunteers and delivery time may fluctuate.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

To order a box, please contact Brian McKevett or the church office.  
See contact info at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!



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Quiz Box with Timer Features:

  • Up to 8 Quizzers (4 per team).
  • 4 or 8 paddles.
  • Bright LED lights that can be seen in all lighting conditions.
  • Onboard Reset Button to clear lights.
  • External Timer Box with the following timer buttons:
    • 5 seconds
    • 30 seconds
    • 1 minute
    • 3 minutes
  • Timer activation indicator.
  • Programmable microprocessor running at 48MHz.
  • Capable of running off a USB power from any USB power plug (computer, powersupply, car, etc.).
  • Compatible with all software programs on the software page.
  • Stand alone Reaction Game Mode.
  • Extension cord provided to reach distant outlets.
  • Power supply capable of being used with 220V outlets with prong adapters.

            Custom setups available upon request



Quick Cord Cleanup Option:  The normal quiz box comes with 8 individual paddles with 10ft cords.  We have noticed that it takes a while to setup and clean up the 8 cords.  We now offer a quick cord cleanup option that uses a single 4 way cord bundle per team.  This cord bundle attaches at the paddles and the quiz box, and takes only seconds to wrap up and put away.  This option comes with paddles with very short cords so that the paddles can be packed away without any issues.  This option is not needed for the quiz box, but it is a time saver when setting up a taking down all the paddles.   
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 Pricing (Quiz Box with Timers):
 $125* w/8 paddles plus shipping
 $150* w/8 quick cleanup paddles plus shipping 

 $85* w/4 paddles plus shipping 



Quiz Boxes are custom built when ordered.  Typical build times are 1-2 weeks from the time of the order to the shipping date.  If there are any problems with the Quiz Boxes we encourage customers to contact us right away and we can work with them to get the boxes fixed as soon as possible.  There have been several upgraded parts to improve the design and make the Quiz Boxes more robust.



Many of the old Judge Boxes are starting to show their age and the electronics are becoming unreliable.  If this is the case for your Judge Box we can take the paddles from your Judge Box and integrate them into one of our Quiz Boxes.  Since the paddles are the most expensive part of the Quiz Box re-using your used, but still working, paddles is a great way to save on the cost of getting a reliable Quiz Box.  The paddles from the Judge Box disconnect easily with a plug and will need to be mailed in before we can begin building the new box.  The wires will need to be cut for this conversion, which will make it difficult to   re-attach the paddles to the original Judge Box.

  /files/images/Quiz Box/Quiz Box with Judge Box Paddles.JPG

Pricing (Quiz Box with Judge Paddles):
$35* plus shipping


In some cases a paddle may stop working for a quiz box.  If the paddle is tested on several ports of the quiz box and the problem follows the paddle then the paddle will need to be repaired or replaced.  The problem with the paddle is the cord.  Replacing the cord is simple if you have a soldering iron.  Purchasing a soldering iron from Radio Shack will run about $10 if you need to purchase one.  Most of the time the break in the cord will be close to the paddle. You can cut down the cord by 1 ft and re-use the cord.  Other cords have a break further down the cord and need to be replaced.  If you need cords or do not feel comfortable following the procedure below please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

 Pricing (Paddles and Cords):

 $12* per replacement paddle plus shipping

 $2.25* per replacement cord plus shipping   


Individual Practice Paddle

The practice paddle is a stand alone piece that emits the same buzzer noise as a quiz box when pushed.  It runs off 2 AAA batteries so there is no need to plug it in or do anything to get it ready.  These are great for quizzers that are practicing at home where a full quiz box is not needed.


 Pricing (Individual Practice Paddle):

 $15 plus shipping

*Since these boxes are being built by churches for churches, the cost is only the sum of the parts.  Because of this, the price may vary slightly depending upon the market price for the parts.

To order a box, please contact Brian McKevett or the church office.  Thank you! 

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