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Software 1 - QUIZ MATCH  


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Quiz Match:  This Excel spreadsheet was designed to help with score keeping.  It can be setup for JBQ or TBQ and will keep track of the number of questions remaining, current scores for players, and has several other features.  There are also buttons for timers available.  The nicest feature is the automated quiz match that will walk you through the quiz match allowing all the score keeping and timers to be done with quick easy button clicks. 

This program is not intended to be linked to the quiz box.  It can be used by scorekeepers and coaches.  The quiz match may also be saved at the end of the match for record keeping.  There is also a sound option to make the timers audible for matches or silent if the program is not running timers for the match.  Be sure to enable macro content to use the automated quiz match feature. 

Please contact us if you have any problems this spreadsheet or if you have suggestions for improvements.

Download Quiz Match Program - CLICK HERE  

Software 2  - Quiz Match with Quiz Box

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Quiz Match with Quiz Box:  This setup is very similar to the Quiz Match excel sheet and has all of the same features.  In addition this program links the spread sheet to the quiz box.  It will automatically detect who buzzes in and will start the timers on the quiz box instead of on the computer.  This program works well for running quiz matches with our box or for coaches running practice matches.


There are two parts to this setup.  There is the program and the excel spreadsheet.  The program must be installed and run.  And the program will ask you where the excel sheet is located.  The program needs to open the excel sheet that is in the downloadable zip file so it can link it to the quiz box.  Quiz boxes built before 3/2014 will have a slightly differently reset feature because of a firmware update.


Please contact us if you have any problems this spreadsheet or if you have suggestions for improvements.      

Download Quiz Match with Quiz Box Program - CLICK HERE
Excel 2016 and Later - CLICK HERE



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Virtual Buttons:  The virtual buttons gives you the option of starting any of the quiz box timers through the computer screen.  It will also let you reset the box and give an immediate buzz. 

This program is for any quiz boxes that do not have the built in timer buttons or for anyone that likes to click the mouse instead of pushing a button.



  Download Virtual Buttons - CLICK HERE




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Reaction Timer Game:  The reaction game timer helps players learn to hit the paddle quickly.  The center yellow light of the quiz box is used as a visual indication for players to buzz in.  The quickest player will have their light activated on the box, and the first three players to buzz in will have their place listed next to their score on the computer screen.  If players buzz in too quickly they will be locked out and receive a score of zero. 

The higher the score the faster the reaction time.  The perfect score is 1,000.  For each millisecond of reaction time a point is deducted from the perfect score.  So a score of 850 is a reaction time of 150mSec.  This is a fun way for the players and coaches to increase their reaction time.



  Download Reaction Timer GameCLICK HERE





Score Keeping Program:  We are currently working on developing a program that uses the quiz box input to do assisted score keeping for matches.  The software is still under development, but here is a version that you can play with and get a feel for the program.  This program can also be used without the quiz box to keep scoring by coaches during competition matches as well. 

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  Download Score Keeping Program - CLICK HERE

  Software 6 - Android JBQ/TBQ Timer

  /files/images/Quiz Box/Android Timer app websmall.jpgAndroid JBQ/TBQ Timer - This program can be downloaded onto any Android device and is intended to be used with other quiz box equipment that does not have built in timers.  This app has 5 built in timers: 5 second, 30 second,
1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute.  This application automatically turns off the phone's ringer and alarms and restores them when the application is exited.  The app must be exited with the arrow key and not just put into the background to get the volumes to return to their original levels.  The app also has a count down timer, large easy to hit buttons, and an adjustable volume.

  Download Adroid JBQ/TBQ Timer - CLICK HERE